+ Physically Fit Students More Likely to Test Well

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Terrence Stutz writes an article about a report made by the Texas Education Agency. 

The study indicates that Texas students who are physically fit are more likely to do well on achievement tests.  They are also less likely to have discipline problems and more likely not to miss school.

The research was based on annual physical fitness assessments of more than 2.4 million students in the public schools.  It found that increased exercise helps the brain function more efficiently and enhances the ability to learn.

Says state Education Commissioner Robert Scott, “Texas is the first state to require an annual fitness assessment of public school students.  [These] research  results show that improving our children’s physical fitness can have positive results not only for the students, but also for the schools as well.”

sole source: online article by Terrence Stutz from www.dallasnews.com on 3/10/09

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