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A new Web site called “21st Century Abe” at http://21stCenturyAbe.org has been launched by the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia. 

It is endorsed by the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and the Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.

The purpose: to celebrate Lincoln’s 200th birthday and to take a look at his life, work and words through modern eyes.

It was created by the Rosenbach Museum and Library, and highlights the museum’s collection of rare Lincoln manuscripts with a digital document viewer, artists’ interpretations, and commentary from a renowned Lincoln scholar. 


There are also contests for best user submissions.

The interactive Web site is now live, and invites site visitors to view the museum’s documents, such as speeches, letters and notes.

Participate in the conversation about the 16th President of the United States.  View the handwritten Lincoln documents (along with transcripts) digitally; contribute responses in words, songs, videos, photos, drawings, web links and other media.

21st-Century Abe sheds light on Lincoln’s views on race, his patterns of thought and rhetoric, and his role as a celebrity both in his own day and ours.

The 30 featured documents, many rarely seen by the public, range from the Baltimore Address to Lincoln’s attempt to explain his family history.

The site features creative interpretations of the Lincoln materials by scholar Douglas Wilson, artist/illustrator Maira Kalman, musician Bryce Dessner of the  band The National, Philadelphia comedy theater company 1812 Productions and multimedia artists Archive (Anne Walsh and Chris Kubick).

Inside 21-Century Abe’s site, visitors can interact with the diverse content in a variety of ways, including

  • Read and listen to short essays about each of the documents, written by Doublas Wilson, PhD, one of the country’s most renowned Abraham Lincoln scholars.
  • View the illustrated “Finding Lincoln” by Maira Kalman, a 44-panel story which weaves the life of Abraham Lincoln with Kalman’s own personal sotry about her journey to find Abe.
  • Download an original Lincoln playlist.  Created by Bryce Dessner, “The Lincoln Shuffle” is a series of non-linear compositions (based on the work of George Ives, a contemporary of Lincoln) featuring a variety of acoustic instruments.
  • Explore “One Lincoln After Another,” a seriew of videos, photographs, and commentary created by multimedia artists Archive (Chris Kubick and Anne Walsh).  The project features photographs of the Lincoln documents, a trip to several Lincoln monuments — including one in Tijuana — and more.
  • In the Spring, 1812 Productions will explore Lincoln’s humor through a series of audio pieces.
  • Ongoing contests encourage visitors to find Lincoln in their world and interact with the site content in a variety of creative ways, including contests for best poster design, best puditry, and best original media submission.  Prizes include a limited edition 21-Century Abe hat, winning work displayed online and at the Rosenbach, and a grand prize trip for two to Philadelphia with a private tour of the museum and its Lincoln exhibition.

Invite your students to participate; tell your friends!  Get involved.

Visit the site for all this and more. Kendra Gaeta invites questions or comments at kendra@limeprojects.com .

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