+ Free Lecture on Martin Luther King Jr Till Feb 2nd

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 The Teaching Company is offering a free lecture about Martin Luther King for download until February 2, 2009.  It is delivered by award-winning Professor Dennis Dalton of Barnard College, Columbia University. 

Martin Luther King, Jr — through his stirring speeches, introspective writings, and effective leadership — is an essential part of our national consciousness.  His powerful legacy remains with us even today, more than 50 years after the Montgomery bus boycott sparked the American civil rights movement.  While King’s 1968 assassination was a tragic chapter in American histoy, it did nothing to prevent the work he spent so much of his life carrying out.  As Professor Dalton notes, “Violence ended King’s life, but his increased stature in America since his death shows that his voice was not silenced.”


The Teaching Company invites you to download this free lecture to your computer, transfer it to your iPod or MP3 player, or burn it to a CD.  Send the link to family or friends who might enjoy it; it’s free for them as well.

source: since I am a customer of the Teaching Company, I get email updates on new courses , sales, and invitations to download free lectures from time to time.  Visit www.TEACH12.com to view their full catalog of more than 250 courses.  Many are currently on sale.

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