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SuperCamp, a college prep camp that helps students in high school develop learning skills and also the skills needed to succeed in college, has announced it will hold 26 camps across the US in 2009.

SuperCamp has helped students in high school and middle school prepare for college for the past 27 years.  It offers intensive 10-day residential academic summer camps on college campuses.

In 2009, SuperCamp will be held at eight colleges across the US, including Drake University in Des Moines, Wake Forest, Cornell, Colorado College, Stanford, the University of Washington, Cal State San Marcos and Claremont College. 

The Quantum Strategies learning skills taught at SuperCamp relate directly to college prep for high schoolers by arming students with learning, study and test-taking tools.  These tools help in high school courses as well as in preparing for and taking an ACT or SAT test.

Students learn innovative note-taking techniques that enable them to retain more from classroom lectures and personal research.  These same techniques help when it comes time to study for a test, since the student’s notes are more organized and understandable.

College prep training also includes developing effective study habits.  In SuperCamps’s Senior Forum, students are given a number of guidelines on how to study more effectively.  These study skills can be put into effect immediately in high school as students prepare for college; they can be carried through into their college years.

Other learning skills useful for ACT, SAT and college preparation in general include critical thinking, problem-solving, creative writing, reading comprehension and test-taking tips.

SuperCamp also creates many “mini-success moments” for each camper in order to build self-esteem, motivation and confidence.

For more information on SuperCamp visit www.SuperCamp.com, email info@supercamp.com, or phone 800-285-3276.   

sole source: TransWorldNews online, (no byline on article) 12/19/08.  www.transworldnews.com

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