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From Edward Rothstein’s survey in a NY Times article, here are Museums that are, or will be, mounting exhibits devoted to Abraham Lincoln, as well as a list of useful books to check out.  Lincoln’s bicentennial is upon us.


  • Smithsonian: The American Art Museum in Washington DC — Through January of 2010, “The Honor of Your Company is Requested: President Lincoln’s Inaugural Ball” contains artifacts including invitations and menu.
  • Smithsonian: American History Museum in Washington DC — Through January 4th 2009, “Gettysburg Address,” a rarely exhibited copy, handwritten by Lincoln.  Then, opening January 16, “Abraham Lincoln: an Extraordinary Life,” with 60 items from his life, including a tool he used to cut wood and the top hat he wore on the night he was assassinated.  Also:  “America’s New Birth of Freedom,” which features documents from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield IL, including letters and a signed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • Smithsonian: National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC —  Through July 5th 2009, “One Life: The Mask of Lincoln,” a display of portraits from the gallery’s collection.  According to Rothstein, two white plaster masks, one from 1860 and the other from 1865 just two months before he was murdered, juxtaposed as they are present “one of the most potent, graphic images of the effects of the years” of the war on the man.  For information: www.gosmithsonian.com/lincoln
  •  Ford’s Theater in Washington DC — Reopening events include the world premiere of “The Heavens Are Hung in Black” by James Still (previews begin Feb 3, 2009);  free open houses on Lincoln’s Birthday (Feb.12) and Presidents’ Day (Feb 16) and the start of daily tours on Feb 17.  www.fordstheatre.org  
  • Library of Congress, Washington DC — Opening Feb 12 and running through May 9, 2009, “With Malice Toward None: The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition, ” with letters, photographs, speeches and books.   http://www.loc.gov/index.html
  • National Archives, Washington DC — Special films, lectures and documents including, Feb 12-16, 2009,  a display of the original Emancipation Proclamation.  www.archives.gov
  • New York Historical Society — Includes an exhibiton of Lincoln documents opening on Feb 12, 2009, as well as a series of events. http://www.nyhistory.org/web/
  • Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield IL — Febrary events include  exhibitions, discussions and lectures. www.alplm.org
  • Thomas D Clark Center For Kentucky History in Frankfort KY — Through June 6 2009 “Beyond the Log Cabin: Kentucky’s Abraham Lincoln,” an interactive display highlighting his relationship with the state. http://www.kylincoln.org


Bicentennial Web Site at www.lincolnbicentennial.gov/calendar for 29 pages of events by date around the country.

www.memory.loc.gov/ammem/alhtml/mailhome.html for the 20,000 items in the Library of Congress’s Complete Abraham Lincoln Papers from the 1850s through his presidential years.

www.quod.lib.umich.edu/l/lincoln, for a major compilation of Lincoln’s writing, first published by the Abraham Lincoln Association in 1953.


  • Abraham Lincoln: A Life,  by Michael Burlingame from Johns Hopkins University Press at $125 in a boxed set.
  • A Lincoln: A Biography,  by Ronald C White, Jr from Random House to be released Jan 13, 2009, $35.
  • Lincoln President-Elect: Abraham Lincoln and the Great Secession Winter 1960-1861,  by Harold Holzer from Simon&Schuster, $30.
  • Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer, by Fred Kaplan from Harper Collins at $27.95; also available (unabridged) on CD from Brilliance Audio at $34.99.
  • Looking for Lincoln: The Making of an American Icon,  by Philip B Kunhardt III, Peter W Kunhardt, and Peter W Kunhardt Jr from Knopf, $50.
  • Our Lincoln: New Perspectives on Lincoln and his World,  edited by Eric Foner from Norton, $27.95.
  • Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln,  by Doris Kearns Goodwin from Simon & Schuster, $19.95 in paper; also available abridged from Simon & Schuster Audio at $39.95.
  • The Lincoln Anthology: 85 Writers on His Life and Legacy from 1860 Until Now,  edited by Harold Holzer afrom Library of Congress to be released Dec 26, 2008, $40.
  • The Lincolns: Portrait of a Marriage, by Daniel Mark Epstein from Ballantine Books, $16 in paper.

source: Edward Rothstein NY Times article on 12/12/08.  Read the entire article for much much more information.  http://www.nytimes.com

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