+ Nascar Kids: Racing Demands Reading and Math Skills

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A librarian in Mansfield OH invited racecar driver Dave Roush to prove to Springmill Elementary School students how reading and racing go hand in hand, reports Jami Kinton in the News Journal.

Roush, who drives for Honda of America, says, “You’re constantly reading data.  Everything revolves around reading.  You’ve got to — first and foremost — understand the rules before you can do anything.”

Librarian Vickie Maxey says Roush’s visit was a way to get students excited about reading.  Her theme this year is “Driven to Read.”

Each student has a paper racecar that moves along a paper track along the school walls.  The more books that are read, the farther the car moves.

“I’m trying to get them to read 25 books before Christmas, and we wanted to tie in anybody that had to do with race car driving,” says Maxey.  “We wanted to show kids that it takes both math and good reading skills to race.  I’m all for literacy, and I thought it would be neat to have someone like Dave come in to inspire them.”

Roush agrees that math is as important as reading for a racecar driver.

“Math is very much involved when you think about lap time and speed to suspension and geometry,” he says.  “Everything that has to do with a racecar revolves around numbers.”

Students also got to explore his silver Honda S2000.  Says Maxey, “He was very motivating and the kids just loved him.”

Roush told students to continue their education, and promised to stay in touch. 

“Take a look at anyone in professional motorsports and almost all of them have a degree in engineering,” he said.  “They know it’s so important to understand and know this stuff.” 

source: www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com  article by Jami Kinton on 11/23/08.

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