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Mary Lee Hahn and Franki Sibberson have a blog called “A Year in Reading”:  www.readingyear.blogspot.com .  They are two teachers who read voraciously and share their new best reads, with a synopsis of each.

If you want information about new children’s books in order to make informed decisions about what to choose, give them a try.  The site will link you to resources for teachers, teacher’s blogs, “kidlitosphere” blogs, author and illustrator blogs — and more book lists — as well.  It’s free!

Here is a list of their latest titles.  Go to the site to find more information about each book:

  • Bird Lake Moon, by Kevin Henkes
  • The Grasshopper’s Song, by Nikki Giovanni and illustrated by Chris Raschka
  • Ask Dr K Fisher about Creepy-Crawlies, by Claire Llewellyn
  • Houdini the Amazing Caterpillar,  by Janet Pedersen
  • Here Lies Arthur,  by Philip Reeve
  • Drummer Boy, by Loren Long

The site will also lead you to Franki’s “Books I Could Read a Million Times.”

Franki Sibberson is the author of Beyond Leveled Books (Stenhouse), Still Learning to Read (Stenhouse), and Day-to-Day Assessment in the Reading Workshop (Scholastic).  She is also a regular contributor to Choice Literacy.  

Mary Lee Hahn is the author of Reconsidering Read-Aloud (Stenhouse). 

source: I was led to this site by  The 2 Sisters Daily Cafe  “Tip of the Week” this week.  This excellent site costs $69 for a year’s subscription and access to amazing resources including videos of classroom techniques — but the “Tip of the Week” can come to you free if you just sign up at www.thedailycafe.com.

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