+ Children’s Theater Documentary: “The Little Red Truck”

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A short review by Nathan Lee of the NY Times seems to recommend warmly “The Little  Red Truck,” a documentary directed by Rob Whitehair.

All year long, both big and small towns (e.g. Los Angeles, California; Somerton, Arizona; Rankin Inlet in Nunavet, Canada) are visited by little red trucks filled with the bright-eyed actor-directors of the Missoula Children’s Theater.  They disembark, unpack, and put on a show.

On Monday, they hold auditions for local children.

On Tuesday, they’re rehearsing a musical version of some classic story: “Robin Hood” or “The Little Mermaid.”

By Friday, they hope, all the kids know their lines, songs and cues.  Saturday is for costumes and dress rehearsal.

And Sunday they perform an hour-long musical that has come together in just one week.

Then — they all pick up and head off to broaden horizons and tickle the fancies of the next batch of kids, at the next town on the schedule.

Writes Lee:

This is the story of “The Little Red Truck,” a documentary by the filmaker Rob Whitehair, and if it sounds like the cutest thing in the history of cuteness, that’s because it is.

It would take a superhuman capacity for cynicism to resist the radiant optimism of the Missoula Children’s Theater players and the unabashed pep of this joyful portrait.

Sure, this sweet little movie isn’t going to change the world, but when those litle red trucks roll up, and all those little eyes light up, that’s exactly what happens.

 “The Little Red Truck” is rated PG.  It includes very mild discussions of children with domestic and schoolyard troubles.  1 hour and 38 minutes.

Source: Nathan Lee’s review in the NY Times on 9/19/08.  www.nytimes.com

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