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From the teacher’s manual for “Building Academic Vocabulary” by Robert J Marzano and Debra J Pickering, the list suggested for students in grades K through 2.

The book itself contains 7,923 terms, drawn from 11 subject areas and organized into four grade-level intervals.  This is the  Language Arts “Level 1” list.

Not every term will be relevant to every school district or classroom; neither are all equally important.  They were all extracted from national standards documents.

Individual schools and teachers are encouraged to select words from the list which they recognize to be relevant for their students.

  • alphabet, author
  • back cover, beginning consonant, blend, book
  • cartoon, chapter, character, composition, comprehension, consonant blend, conversation, cover
  • date, dictionary, discussion, drawing
  • ending consonant, everyday language
  • fairy tale, first name, folktale, follow (or give) directions, front cover
  • group discussion, guest speaker
  • keyboarding
  • language, last name, letter, letter-sound relationship, listening skill, long vowel, lowercase
  • magazine, main character, main idea, map, margin, mental image, message, movie
  • newspaper, number word
  • order of events
  • parts of a book, photographer, picture book, picture dictionary, poem, predictable book, prewriting, print, publish, purpose
  • question
  • reread, respond to literature, retell, rhyme
  • sentence, short vowel, sight word, sign, speech, spelling, spelling pattern, symbol
  • table of contents, take turns, television program, textbook, theater, title, title page, typing
  • uppercase 
  • videotape, villain, vocabulary, vowel combination (or team), vowel sound

This is only a small segment of the riches in this book; just the beginning of the mind-opening conversations you can start to have with your students. 

In addition to the lists of terms, you will find advice about creating your own lists, how to teach the terms, and activities and games — as well as black line templates for activities.

Building Academic Vocabulary: Teacher’s Manual” by Robert J Marzano and Debra J Pickering is published by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ACSD), 2005.  ISBN-13: 978-1-4166-0234-7 or ISBN-10: 1-4166-0234-8.  ASCD Stock No: 105153.  Price: $25.95.   Find them at www.ascd.org

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