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From Eduhound’s “Classroom Tools and Tips”, Web sites to assist in establishing acceptable use policies:

  • Project Interconnect: Acceptable Use Policy — Printable Consent Forms (pdf)  These various printable pdf forms are easy to understand and cover the unacceptable uses and penalties for misuse.  They state that students will be held accountable for violations of the Acceptable Use Policy and that disciplinary action may be taken.  http://projectinterconnect.org/filters/aupform.htm
  • Model Acceptable Use Policy Information Technology Resources in the School  Provides excellent examples of the types of content that should be part of a school’s information technology acceptable use policy.   http://www.cybercrime.gov/rules/acceptableUsePolicy.htm
  • Arp’s Acceptable Use Policies  Visit this site for examples of how Arp ISD maintains the highest standards of ethical and acceptable use of all technology for educational purposes.   http://www.arp.sprnet.org/admin/movie.htm
  • Developing an Acceptable Use Policy  This site is intended to assist K-12 school districts and other K-12 entities in developing their own Acceptable Use Policies.  http://www.k12.wa.us.K-20.AUP.aspx
  • Acceptable Use Policy Indiana Department of Education  Includes Internet acceptable use policies, guidelines, and recommendations — as well as suggested models for public schools.   http://www.doe.state.in.us/olr/aup/welcome.html
  • Acceptable Internet Use Policies — a Handbook, Virginia DoE  As schools may be at various stages of implementation in the use of computer networks, this electronic handbook does not prescribe a single Acceptable Internet Use Policy.  Instead, it provides links to various sources of information that may be helpful to administrators, teachers, etc. in the development of an AUP.   http://www.pen.k12.va.us/go/VDOE/Technology/AUP/home.shtml

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