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A great resource: www.schoolpsychologistfiles.blogspot.com , a Special Education Support blog created by Erin N King, a nationally certified school psychologist.  Go there for parental support, information about special education procedures,  and parent rights matters.

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The latest includes back to school advice for parents of struggling students.  At this time, when emotions may be running high, she suggests

Talk to the Teacher:

  • keep the conversation brief and focus on the most important matter (the rest will surface as the year progresses )
  • let the teacher know your child’s specific strength as well
  • let the teacher know you want to be a partner
  • don’t call the teacher during summer break (she may not remember specifics)
  • don’t criticise old teachers (who knows who her best friend is?)

Help your Child Get Involved in an Activity:

  • choose one he’ll be successful in
  • let her have input into the selection
  • don’t push the child into an activity that replaces school work in terms of time demands

Other Ideas:

  • write a one page summary of the IEP accommodations
  • see if the child can view the schoolroom a day or two before school begins

Visit the site for much much more: for example, how a school district determines if a student qulifies for services; concerns about preschooler development; disability categories within Special Education; classroom interventions for children with ADHD.

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