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This week’s offerings from EduHound’s “Classroom Tools and Tips”  deal with violence prevention:

  • National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center  —  A Federal resource for professionals, parents and youth working to prevent violence committed by and against young people.  www.safeyouth.org
  • Stop Bullying Now!  —  Practical research-based strategies to reduce bullying in schools.   www.stopbullyingnow.com
  • Kidscape:  Dealing With Bullies  —  Helping to prevent bullying and child abuse.  www.kidscape.org.uk
  • NEA: National Bullying Awareness Campaign (NBAC)  — Its goal is to reduce, and eventually eradicate, bullying in America’s public schools.  www.nea.org/schoolsafety/bullying.html
  • Maine Project Against Bullying  —  A survey of bullying behavior among Maine third graders.  http://lincoln.midcoast.com/~wps/against/bullying.html
  • STOP cyberbullying — Information about cyberbullying, how it works, and how to deal with cyberbullies.  www.stopcyberbullying.org

source: www.eduhound.com Eduhound Weekly is a magazine for teachers offering valuable edtech resources to incorporate into K-12 classrooms.

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