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Some “Teacher Tips” from Dr. Kathie Nunley’s Help4Teachers Newsletter.  These are sent in by teachers from all around the country.  Here are several, from recent newsletters.

TIP:  “I save my fortunes from fortune cookies and keep them in a cute takeout box on the desk.  We use these when we need a quick writing prompt or vocabulary exposure.” -Candy Couldin

TIP:  “A quick phonological activity — I call the roll changing all children’s names to begin with the sound of the day.  They respond by changing my name to begin with the same sound.”  -V. Fleming, 1st Grade teacher

TIP:  “We start every unit by asking questions.  I give a brief introduction to the topic, then every student has to write 2 questions they have about the topic on a post-it note.  We attach all the post-its to the top of the class whiteboard.  As we go through the unit we remove post-its as we get the questions answered.  On the last day we make sure we have no more post-its on the board.”  -Mark Halmonner, 10th Grade science teacher. 

TIP:  “Here’s how I handle worksheet assignments — when students hand in a worksheet and the answer is incorrect, I place an ‘O’ beside it and hand it back. (At the top of the worksheets, there are two numbers: the one on top is the number of the student’s correct answers, and the number at the bottom is the total number of questions or responses.)  Students are encouraged to correct the worksheets.  …When they correct the answer the ‘O’ is now ‘OK.’   If the answer is still incorrect, I just circle it again with a different color of ink. (The numbers at the top of the page are adjusted accordingly.)  I emphasize that regardless of how many times it took to learn the lesson, what IS important is that they finally learned it.”  -Geneva Jones.

TIP:  “I turn the desks in my first grade classroom around into 4-squares, turning all storage space areas to the inside of the square so there is no access.  I find these areas to just be junk collectors.  We use folders magnet-clipped to the sides of the desks to keep works in progress.  No more leftovers, wads of paper and trash in the desks.”  -Deborah Shea.

TIP:  “Create a tic-tac-toe board with assignment choices in each square.  The students need to choose three in a row to make tic-tac-toe.  Arrange choices on the board strategically to accommodate all abilitiy levels.”  -No name.

TIP:  The lighting in classrooms is so bright and distracting, so I recommend either putting colored paper over the ceiling lights to give it a ‘softer’ ambience, or bring in lamps and turn off at least one set of lights.  I have found the students become more relaxed, and I don’t need my sunglasses!”  -Heather Thomas. 

You can receive Kathie’s newsletter by going to www.help4teachers.com/newsletter.htm   She also oversees “Layered Curriculum” materials (you are invited to contribute your own), as well as  www.brains.org, which offers information on brain research as it affects teaching and learning.  

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