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Students at Lake Superior Elementary School in Minnesota held an all school poetry jam.  They performed songs and poetry, even adding props and movement occasionally.

Poems featured poets from Shel Silverstein to Emily Dickinson.   Reflecting what they were learning, third graders presented poems about space; fourth graders read limericks about animals they displayed on Power Point slides.  But fifth graders chose their own poems.

Preparing for performance requires repeated readings, and fluency always improves when a text is read aloud several times.  Poetry jams offer a meaningful excuse for such repeated readings, with the fun of sharing the material with others at the end of it. 

This is the third year for the Lake Superior Elementary Poetry Jam.  Principal Mark Howard says the event is about having fun, but it is also to encourage daily reading and is part of the school’s Love to Read program.

Students are encouraged to read a certain number of minutes per day at home.  Kindergartners read for 10 minutes, fifth graders for 30 minutes.  And during school, teachers drop what they’re doing for fifteen minutes each day for reading activities.

The campaign started at the beginning of the school year, and recognition is given to students who meet their reading goals.  The PTA also awards a take-home book to any student who meets his or her goal for the month.

source: Anna Kurth, who covers education topics, wrote about this event in the Superior Telegram on 4/27/08.  www.superiortelegram.com.

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