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from “Classroom Tools & Tips,” an EduHound Newsletter:

  • Biography Maker — The Biography Maker is meant to inspire lively story telling and vivid writing, which  will make your readers want to know more about your subject.  www.bham.wednet.edu/bio/biomaker.htm
  • Infoplease Biography — Features biographical profiles and special features about newsworthy people around the world.  Searchable by subject or category.  www.infoplease.com/people.html
  • A&E Classroom Biography  — Features classroom manuals, activities, videos, lessons and more to aid in the teacheing of biographies.  www.aetv.com/class/biography/index.html
  • Scholastic.com: Writing Biography  — Here you can learn how to research and write a biographical sketch — and along the way, you’ll find research and writing strategies as well as a warm-up exercise to get you started.  http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/biograph/
  • Internet Public Library: Biographies  — Offers annotated links to biography web sites around the web.  www.ipl.org/div/subject/browse/ref15.00.00/
  • BioClassroom  — Features educational resources, study guides, projects, websites, and video from A&E, including the History Channel and Biography.com.  www.biography.com/classroom/index.jsp

source: www.eduhound.com “Classroom Tools & Tips” newsletter

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