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“A Formula — Parents’ Rights in the Special Education Process”  is the title of a free training for parents in the Columbus OH area.

[Note: This meeting is one that was re-scheduled from March 10, when weather intruded!]

  • Monday, APRIL 21, 2008 from 6:30-8:30pm
  • Center Point Church in Lewis Center
  • Presenter: Nancy Mandermach, from OCECD

OCECD is the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities.

The training is open to all parents of school age children who have or are suspected to have any type of disability.

Participants will learn how to organize a record-keeping system and learn what is needed for their child’s personal file.  The training will empower parents by teaching them their rights and their children’s rights under IDEA law.  It will also explain how to become a better advocate for their child.

Participants should pre-register for this free training to guarantee enough materials.

To register call

Heather Endres at 614-288-7583; or email heather.endres@gmail.com

The address of the CenterPoint Church is 7750 B Green Meadows Drive in Lewis Center.

tutoring in Columbus OH:   Adrienne Edwards   614-579-6021   or email  aedwardstutor@columbus.rr.com


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