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From EduHound’s Classroom Tools & Tips, Web sites to help learn to speak in public.

  • Allyn & Bacon’s Public Speaking Website    Contains six modules about the process of public speaking —  Assess, Analyze, Research, Organize, Deliver and Discern   www.abacon.com/pubspeak
  • Strategies to Succeed in Public Speaking     Includes goals, success requirements, preparations, resources, and related information  www.school-for-champions.com/speaking.htm
  • American Rhetoric     An impressive index of thousands of famous speeches   www.americanrhetoric.com
  • Advanced Public Speaking Institute   Choose from 20 categories and over 100 articles to help with public speaking   http://www.public-speaking.org/
  • Public Speaking from Mind Tools     Learn to speak and present clearly and effectively.  Improve your speaking skills with this Mind Tools guide to speaking effectively in public   www.mindtools.com/CommSkil/PublicSpeaking.htm
  • Study Guides and Strategies: Public Speaking     Features techniques and strategies for speaking in public and presenting presentations   www.studygs.net/speaking.htm

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