+ Activities for Learning “High Frequency” Words

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Thanks to a Mom who shared this information.  It comes from a sheet sent home by the school.  Use many of these activities for learning ANY kind of words that are challenging your student.

  • Create a game or playing board and get some dice.  (Perhaps make the board erasable for re-use. )  Write high frequency words on spaces.  Also add some “fun” spaces (Go Forward Two, Roll Again).  Play to see who finishes first.
  • Play Tic-Tac-Toe.  You pick a word and have your child pick a word.  Instead of writing X’s and O’s on the board, you each write the word you’ve chosen.  Pick a different word and play again.
  • Play “Go Fish” with High Frequency Words cards.  (Needs a deck with three of each word.)  Deal out 7 cards to each player.  The rest is the pile.  The first person asks someone to give them  all of one of the cards she herself is holding. For example, “all of your cards that say at.”  If the opposing player has the card, the caller gets another turn.  If not, the opposing player says, “Go Fish” (for another card in the pile).  Players who have groups of three (called a “book”) get to lay them down.  The player with the most “books” at the end wins.
  • Play Memory.  (Needs a word card deck with groups of two.)  Mix the word cards up and lay them in rows.  Each player takes a turn to turn over two cards.  If they match, that player takes those cards and gets another turn.  If they don’t, they are turned back over, and players must remember what they saw.  Play until all of the cards have been picked up.
  • Play Hang Man.  Pick a word.  Draw the picture and put lines to show how many letters are in the word.  Player guesses and sees how quickly they can “get” the word.
  • Play My Pile, Your Pile.  Words from the list are on cards.  Quickly flip over a word and see who can say the word first — that player gets the card.
  • Have a Race.  Players race to see who can write the word fastest.
  • Use an egg timer and see how many times your child can write one of the words.  Keep a chart.  He should improve each time.
  • Get two fly swatters.  Use the deck of words and place one face up on the table.  See who can slap it first.
  • Play Bingo using the words.  Make grids. Use candy or popcorn for markers.   
  • If you can deal, practice high frequency words in pudding, jello, icing or shaving cream.  (Don’t taste the shaving cream!)
  • Pour salt or dry jello on a cookie sheet.  Write the words in the powder.
  • Hide the cards around th house.  Have a search; reward a child for the ones he can find and read.
  • Pick several words.  Have a student use a high-liter to find the words in a newspaper or magazine.  Set a timer and see how many he can find in one or two minutes.
  • Write one of the words on an erase board or piece of paper.  Have the student take a good look at it.  Erase one letter.  Have the child fill it in.  Erase two letters, etc.  Practice until he can write the word.
  • Put a piece of paper over a square of screen or netting.  Adult or child writes the word on the paper.  When the netting is taken away, the word will feel bumpy.  Have the child trace over the word and say the letters as s/he is tracing.  Do this several times using different words.
  • Rainbow words: write or have the child write one of the words.  Have her trace over the word four or five times using a different colored crayon each time.  Display the word; have her read it to you several times over the next few days.

Enjoy these activities with your children!

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