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Again — wonderful resource from Kevin Feldman’s listserve mail.  He writes:

A colleague sent me this link, http://www.freereading.net, which is a new way to provide reading curricula — FREE in an open-source (Wiki-style) format.  While too new to evaluate fully, leading literacy educators (e.g. Catherine Snow & Michael Kamil et al.) have joined their editorial board.  Florida has adopted/approved it… So have a look.  This may be the “text book” of the future!

He mentions that you can also check out the company that sponsors it, Wireless Generation: www.wirelessgeneration.com .

At the site, we are told that Free-Reading is an “open source” instructional program that helps teachers of early reading. 

Because it’s open source, it represents the collective wisdom of a wide community of teachers and researchers. 

It’s designed to contain a scope and sequence of activities that can support and supplement a typical “core” or “basal” program. 

“Intervention A” is an integrated reading intervention program for K-1 students.  It includes a complete set of activities mapped to a 40-week scope and sequence.

Specific activities to be found: letter/sound activities, letter writing activities; activities for phonological awareness, sounding out, word-form recognition, irregular words, reading connected text, listening vocabulary activities, letter combination activities, and advanced phonics activities.

Resources featured are picture cards, sound pronunciation guides, and a “Literacy is Priceless” blog.

One can contribute, by adding an activity, rating an existing activity, adding vocabulary for a book, writing a short story, or starting a discussion.

There is also a word list generator.

It’s new; it looks great; it’s being adopted in respectable places.  So check it out and make your own decision.

source: Kevin Feldman’s listserve.  kfeldman@lists.scoe.org

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