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Thanks to Shay Donohue for finding this great resource: First School Years from the UK!  Which led me to many, many more sites.

Visit www.firstschoolyears.com  for “free worksheets, flashcards and resources for eary years.”

Don’t forget to check back regularly, they say: new primary worksheets and other teaching and learning resources are added on a weekly basis.

You will find material under these categories: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Geography, History, Art, Music, P.E, and General. 

First School Years was created by a small number of primary teachers to provide worksheets and resources for parents and teachers of children in the early years.  Many of the resources are available as free downloads; there is a small selection of purchasable items (in order to cover the costs of staffing, software, etc.).  

Although all links from this site are tested for quality and relevance, they say, responsibility for content on these sites lies entirely with the site’s creators.

The site led me to  Teaching Ideas, at www.teachingideas.co.uk/ .  The site’s creator, Mark Warner, is a primary school teacher.  He sees it as a place to find and share ideas. 

Topics are Literacy,  Art, Music, Early Years, Classroom Management, Math, Foreign Language, Seasonal Ideas, Science, PE, Assemblies, History, Geography, Special Needs, Displays and Time Fillers. 

Each of these subject/topic areas has a contents page (sometimes more than one).  There are thousands of ideas and resources here, says Warner.

Each of these sites will lead you to many, many more.  Go explore!

thanks to Shay Donohue for turning me on to these.

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