+ Love and Logic Workshops in June and July 2008

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The Love and Logic Institute will hold the 24th Annual Rocky Mountain Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado (where they are based) on June 16-21 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Register by February 15 and the $425 fee will be just $385. 

The Twentieth Annual Wichita Conference will be held on July 7-11 at the Hyatt Regency in Wicita, Kansas.  The $290 fee will be only $255 if you register by March 1st.

The 2008 topic is “Classroom Discipline Techniques That Work:  Practical Skills That Make All of Your Other Programs Work Better.”  Learn many easy to use techniques that will make teaching more fun and much less stressful.

The Love and Logic Institute offers no-nonsense parenting and teacher training workshops, in addition to materials and support, especially for situations involving difficult children or behavior disorders.  Thousands of people have found strengthening answers to their problems from Love and Logic books, DVDs and trainings.

Graduate-level credit and CEUs are now available.  In addition, you can become a Love and Logic Trainer.

Call 800-338-4065 (between 7am and 5pm Monday through Friday) and a live person will answer.   Or visit www.loveandlogic.com .

tutoring in Columbus OH:   Adrienne Edwards   614-579-6021   or email  aedwardstutor@columbus.rr.com  


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