+ Calgary To Host “World Summit” on L D Issues

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CALGARY, Jan. 31 /CNW/  (Press Release)  Calgary is a world leader in the field of  education and research for learning disabilities and ADHD.

As a model of excellence for many, the Foothills Academy Society, Calgary’s premiere educational facility, is hosting their first-ever World Summit in Lake Louise, Alberta from April 14th through 16th, 2008.  

Why the need for the World Summit 2008: Learning Disabilities Fact orFiction? It is estimated that 10-15% of the population has a learningdisability and/or ADHD. Many who are undiagnosed live marginalized lives,underutilizing their skills and abilities. This has a cost to business,society and to personal lives.

“The purpose of this important summit is to transition learning disabilities from an invisible disability into a visible ability”, explained 2008 Chair, Brenda Martin.  

Experts in fields such as psychology, medicine, government, research,education, justice, corporate and consumers, will debate and explore positionsabout learning disabilities – are they fact or fiction? 

·      What:  2008 World Summit on Learning Disabilities: Fact or Fiction

·      When:  April 14, 15 and 16, 2008 

·      Where: Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada 

·      Why:   Opportunity to share information, debate issues and explore solutions 

·      How:   http://www.foothillsacademyworldsummit.ca     

There are only 250 registrations available for this internationalgathering. The 2008 World Summit on Learning Disabilities is for those with anopinion, voice or interest in the study, work, play and lives of those withlearning disabilities and/or ADHD.  

For further information: Media contact: Shawna Ogston, 2008 Summit Publicity, (403) 870-2009

source: www.newswire.ca on 2/1/08

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