+ China, India Besting the U.S in Education, Says Film

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In an article in Education Week, Andrew Trotter offers a report on a documentary that says U.S. students spend too little time and effort on academics in high school, compared with harder-working young people in China and India.

The documentary was conceived and financed by high-tech entrepreneur Robert A. Compton. It suggests that the difference in the way students use their roughly “two million minutes” in high school could seriously affect their economic futures and that of the United States.

“Two Million Minutes: A Global Examination” gives viewers glimpses into the lives of six talented students—two from each of the three countries—as they complete their senior years of high school.

The two Americans attend Carmel High School, in Carmel, Ind., outside of Indianapolis.  They  seem casual about their studies and unconcerned about competition for jobs, compared with their overseas counterparts.

But the  students from China and India are shown studying much longer hours, including on weekends. They pour their energies into science, mathematics, and computer programming—which the film presents as the most economically valuable disciplines—as well as the arts.

To view a trailer, or order the film on DVD, visit www.2mminutes.com  

source: Education Week article by Andrew Trotter on 1/9/08.  www.edweek.com.  

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