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Two new learning tools have been launched by the Pearson group:

  • an update to the WriteToLearn reading comprehension software 
  • an enhanced version of its Scott Foresman’s Science 2008 textbook series, which now integrates Web-based reading comprehension and writing instruction via Pearson’s Summary Street.

Summary Street is an online product that’s designed to help students build reading skills.  Students summarize texts as they read, and these summaries are then analyzed using Pearson’s Knowledge Analysis Technologies engine (KAT).  http://godigital.scottforesman.com/science/summarystreet/

With the new Scott Foresman’s Science 2008 textbook series, KAT can compare the content of the students’ summaries with the Scott Foresman’s lessons, and provide feedback on how well the students digested the information.

But in addition to gauging their comprehension of the science lessons, it also provides feedback on the writing itself — from spelling to relevancy.

The new 4.0 version of WriteToLearn, the company’s Web-based tool for learning reading and writing comprehension.  WriteToLearn, like Summary Street, uses Pearson’s KAT engine for automatically assessing student writing, including grammar, “meaning,” ideas, organization, conventions, sentence fluency, word choice and voice.

The new 4.0 release adds more than 200 reading passages from Scott Foresman Reading Street (ad enhanced) tools for teachers, including class management and student rosters. 

WriteToLearn is available now and schools with subscriptions can receive the update free of charge.  http://www.writetolearn.net/

source: Dave Nagel in T.H.E. Journal online at www.thejournal.com on 10/22/07

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