+ How Do I Find a Tutor in My Area?

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  • Ask your pediatrician or school professionals if they can refer someone.
  • If your child has a neuropsychiatric evaluation, the diagnostician should be able to refer you to tutors and schools in your area.
  • Go online to the national website of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) at www.interdys.org.  They have lists of tutors and diagnosticians all around the country, and may know of someone in your area.  (You will find much more information there as well!)  You may phone them at 410-296-0232; or 800-ABCD123.
  • You may also try the Learning Disabilities of America (LDA) website for referrals www.ldaamerica.org .  Phone them at 412-341-1515; or 412-341-8077.  Email is info@ldaamerica.org.
  • If there is a hospital or children’s hospital near you with a neuropsychiatric department, they are used to referring people to diagnosticians and may know of tutors as well.  Also – check appropriate departments at local colleges or universities.
  • If there is a 32nd Degree Masonic Organization near you, they are renowned for their reading programs, which they provide all around the country (free of charge – but there may be waiting lists.) 
  • Libraries sometimes have information about such services as well.

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