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From an absolutely fantastic book for teachers, “Teaching Teens With ADD and ADHD: A Quick Reference Guide for Teachers and Parents”, by Chris A Zeigler Dendy, a math game called

Math Snowball Fights  (suggested by a middle school teacher, Susan Putman)

Students make up three math problems, work the answers, copy each blank problem onto a separate piece of paper, and write their names on the papers.  They then wad up each paper separately.  For two or three minutes, the students throw the wads of paper at each other!  At the signal, they stop and each collect three wads.  They solve the problems on those papers.  Then they compare answers with the people who made them up and correct errors.

I will be sharing more strategies from this terrific book in future posts. 

“Teaching Teens With ADD and ADHD” contains 75 concise summaries of key issues related to attention deficit disorders and school success.  After a review of the basics (neurology, among other things) the guide shows how the characteristics of ADHD can affect a teenager’s academic performance and put him at risk.  It offers hundreds of practical strategies, interventions, and tips that make teachers’ jobs easier, while rewarding their students with a positive learning experience.

Sections cover Academic and Learning Issues; Executive Function and Organizational Skills; Federal Laws; Medication Issues; Classroom Management and Challenging Behaviors; and Going the Extra Mile.  The hundreds of strategies and tips have been gathered from dozens of experienced and successful teachers and professionals.

There are appendices, which contain checklists, organizational tools and surveys for students, as well as other forms that are intended for photocopying.

Dendy is a professional with 30 years experience in teaching, school psychology, and children’s mental health, as well as the mother of two ADHD sons.  She writes,

“Please send me an email and tell me which strategies in the book were particularly helpful, as well as those that did not work very well.  I also welcome suggestions of new ideas or ways of improving these strategies.  I look forward to hearing from you at chris@chrisdendy.com.  To find out more about me and my family, you may visit our website at www.chrisdendy.com.”  

“Teaching Teens with ADD and ADHD”, by Chris A Zeigler Dendy, is published by Woodbine House, 2000.  ISBN 1-890627-20-8.

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