+ Some Good Multisensory Structured Reading Programs

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My main source for this list is an EXCELLENT blog: www.lizditz.typepad.com; a great site for teachers, parents and educators — and horse afficionados!

  1. Any true Orton-Gillingham Program or Instructor
  2. Masonic Children’s Learning Centers (located all around the country; O-G)
  3. Barton Reading and Spelling Program (simplified O-G program)
  4. Slingerland (classroom setting, young children)
  5. Herman Method (recently acquired by Lexia)
  6. MTA – Multisensory Teaching Approach
  7. Alphabetic Phonics (1-to-1; O-G program)
  8. Wilson Reading System (1-to-1)
  9. Project Read (designed for regular classroom delivery)
  10. SIS – Sounds in Syllables (O-G; designed as therapy)
  11. Recipe for Reading (a book, laid out lesson by lesson)
  12. PAF – Preventing Academic Failure (young children)
  13. Lindamood Bell’s LiPS Program
  14. Institute for Multisensory Teaching

Remember, however:  true Orton-Gillingham instruction does NOT operate as a cook-book, following pre-set lessons (Recipe for Reading, for example).

O-G instruction is diagnostic and prescriptive; specifically geared to the daily needs of the child.  When we notice a weakness in an area on Tuesday, we make sure to address that weakness and remediate it on Wednesday…  There is an order that we follow, of course, but what happens each day is solely dependent on your child’s needs, not on canned daily lessons!

Visit Liz Ditz’s wonderful Website (see above); it’s also on my blogroll as “I Speak of Dreams”.  For additional info, read Sally Shaywitz’s book “Overcoming Dyslexia”, AA Knopf, 2003. 

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