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Some tips for dyslexic parents who have dyslexic children, from the Fall issue of IDA’s publication “Perspectives”, written by Dale S Brown.  Brown is dyslexic, and is an advocate for adults with dyslexia.

  • Know your own dyslexia.  Consider obtaining a diagnosis through testing.
  • Educate yourself about dyslexia using books, videos, websites and local experts.
  • Remember experiences from your own childhood, both positive and negative.  Interpret or re-interpret them in light of your new knowledge of dyslexia.
  • Notice when these memories are triggered by your children’s experience.  Be particularly careful when you are angry at your children’s teachers.  Ask yourself if this is spillover from your own childhood experience with teachers.
  • Advocate for your children.  As you develop skills, advocate for all children with dyslexia.  Currently there is a cutback in services.  Every state needs an active core of people attempting to secure more resources and better programs.
  • Develop a support system of friends, family and other parents.  Get involved in your child’s school and in neighborhood activities.
  • Observe your dyslexic child objectively.  Be understanding, but don’t assume their feelings and reactions are the same as your own.

Dale Susan Brown is the author of Job Hunting: Tips for the So-Called Handicapped, written with Richard Nelson Bolles.  She just completed a new edition of Steps to Independence for People with Learning Disabilities.

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